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New App Update- Push Notifications!

We are excited to announce a new update to the 2for1 app- Push Notifications! 

Once logged in to the 2for1 app, navigate to your settings and toggle on the notification settings. It’s that simple, and enabling this new feature will bring all of these exciting updates right to your home screen. 

New Offers from Favorites: A feature we have had on the app for a while involves ‘favoriting’ locations. Doing so will now enable you to receive a push notification each time the favorited business posts any updates or offers. 


Do you love Ice Cream? Hit the “favorite” button on any ice cream shop to receive notifications about their new offers right when they’re posted!

Offers Added Near You: More businesses means more savings for you, which is why we are adding new businesses to our platform every single day. This feature will let you know who is joining the app because let’s be honest, no one wants to pay full price! 

Hot Offers: This one is a game changer. Who doesn’t want to stay in the loop about the best local deals? This feature will use your location to find the biggest savings in your area, and send you notifications about the best deals near you. Get ready for Buy One Get One Free Pizza, 50% off Tacos, and so more!

2for1 Announcements: Don’t you worry, we’ll also keep you up to date on the new areas we open up, and all of the new features on the app. 

If you find notifications annoying, simply toggle the setting to off. But if you like food and savings and don’t mind some awesome deals popping up on your screen, we think you’ll enjoy this new update!

We are committed to keeping our interface up to date and make changes continually to reflect the feedback we receive from all of our amazing users on the app. Keep watching out for new updates, new businesses, and new offers!