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New App Update for Android 10

We are excited to announce a new update to the 2for1 app that is fully compatible with Android 10! This is exciting stuff, guys. 

Here are a couple of changes that you will see with the new update:

Improved Sharing Capabilities: Clicking the “share this offer” button will activate a pop-up sharing menu that includes specific contacts you have recently messaged, as well as apps you visit often. This makes the process of sharing killer deals with friends a whole lot easier!

Light and Dark Theme (mode): You can stop worrying about strained eyes at night time with the new dark theme. When dark theme is enabled, the app interface will switch from lighter colors to darker shades. This will make it easier to use the app in low-light environments and will also reduce battery usage. More battery life? yes please! 

pic 7
Pic 1

Gestural Navigation: Instead of using the three-button navigation system Android has always had, users can now swipe across the screen to go back to the previous page or return to the home screen.

Change is fun, go check it out. This and many more exciting new features are available right now on the Google Play Store.You can also view our press release here.