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Business FAQs

After you sign up to use the 2for1 system, you will see a “business” button on the bottom of the app screen. Here you can manage your account and offers. 

Yes. In the Business tab of the app, tap “Reports.” Here you can view Redemptions by Offer or Redemptions by Location.

This feature is available to Premium subscribers. Open the Business tab, tap offers and choose the offer you’d like to remove. Navigate to “Publish when Saved” and turn it off. 

In the Business tab tap locations, then offers, and then select the offer you would like to edit. Make the desired changes and republish.

Your billing receipt will be emailed to you on a monthly basis as you are charged. You can also view your billing history in the billing section on the Business tab.

You can view your billing information by logging in to your merchant account at Once in your account select billing on the left side of the screen. You can also view your billing information within the App in the billing section of the Business tab.

As a participating merchant you are in full control of your offers and locations. The moment an offer is published it becomes available to the targeted audience to access and to use. However, in order for a notification to be sent to those favoriting a location, the offer has to be approved by our management team to check content. Offers may take up to 48 hours to be approved for push notification, but the time frame is usually much sooner.

Hot Offers are valuable offers that you may only want to advertise for a very limited time.

2for1 will look for Hot Offers daily and will send out a push notification to users to let them know that the offer is “Hot”. Hot offers are chosen by value, quality and availability. Hot offers are often BOGO deals or 50% off deals. 

You can change your photos in the business tab- just click “edit” in the top right corner. Photos can be uploaded from your phone. You can use your camera to upload new photos, or access files from your device for uploading.

To add a location tap Business, then Locations, then tap add new location. Once a new location is added its cost will also be added to you monthly subscription.  

Because locations are tied directly to your billing we ask that you contact 2for1 at to have locations removed.

If you have a subscription through Apple or Google, you will need to navigate to your subscriptions on The Apple Store or Google Play Store and cancel the subscription. This will take your account to the Basic plan (free).

If you’d like to cancel your account completely, you can then do at Log into your account and go to billing. Click on “change plan” and choose cancel. This will schedule your cancelation for the end of the billing period.

If you don’t have your subscription on Apple or Google Play, simply change your plan at and this will schedule your cancelation for the end of the billing period.