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Coupons and Discounts: How They Can Drive More Revenue

Maybe you came across this article because you are a small business looking to build brand reputation, maybe you have been around for years but want to reach a new audience, or maybe you are just trying to get attention for a new product you’re

Fun Ideas to Kick Off Labor Day Weekend

Can you believe it’s Labor Day already? Since 95% of Businesses close, this isn’t the best day to go shopping or knock out your errands. Instead of just sitting around twiddling your thumbs, we’re here to make sure you do Labor Day right and pack

9 Tips for Living the Good Life on a Budget

Remember that time you chose to stay at home and watch Netflix instead of going out with friends, because you didn’t wanna drop $60 on restaurant bills and bar tabs? We’ve all been there. Living life is expensive, I mean that’s just the way it

Customers: The key to more growth

Business owners often search for “the key” to growing their business, but it’s easy to get lost amidst the barrage of advice and soliciting voices they receive. We’ve done the work for you, and here it is: Customer Referral Programs and Customer Loyalty Programs. Two

Fredette Foundation Charity

Help us raise $50,000 dollars for CHARITY by downloading the FREE 2for1 app today! You’ll get exclusive 2for1 deals from hundreds of local Utah and Colorado businesses and the Fredette Family Foundation will receive a $1 donation FOR EVERY DOWNLOAD to help local families in