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Total Marketing System

2for1 offers elements of rewards programs, direct messaging, customer referrals, and targeted marketing to private and public networks to help you grow your business.

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Take Control of Your Marketing

Get valuable detailed reports

Gain valuable marketing data on what is happening around you and at your business with local consumers

Increase Customer Loyalty

Retain more of your customers and bring them in more often

Get your customers working for you

Reward your customers for sharing your offers with their friends with guaranteed post engagement

Be more engaged with your customers

Notify your customers by offering them new rewards and incentives for coming in again

Target your marketing

Utilize 2for1’s networks of private and public individuals to invite new people to your business

Control all your marketing for one low monthly price

Manage offers, invitations, targeted marketing and rewards from the management portal within the 2for1 app on your mobile phone


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