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The Paper Store and More

Using 2for1 to win reams of customers


The Paper Store and More started in Orem about 10 years ago. While their primary purpose is a paper distibutor, they sell more than just paper. They also sell a wide variety of gift packaging, shipping supplies, and party decorations. 


The Paper Store and More was looking for a digital marketing solution. They had tried using coupon mailers and basic social media strategies, but weren’t seeing much success. About 9 months ago The Paper Store and More joined the 2for1 App in hopes to bring more business into their store.

“We have been trying to find a more cost-effective way to do digital marketing. In the past we did mailers which weren’t super effective and were very expensive. 2for1 is quite a bit more cost-effective and we get just as many customers coming in as we did from the mailers!”

Ben Carlson

Why would you recommend 2for1?

“Compared to previous things we’ve done this is a lot easier to set up, track, and offer to customers at the point of sale. Since most people have smartphones these days, it’s just easy for them to pull it up, and have access to all the deals.”

Was it easier to run ads on 2for1 compared to other mediums?

“Oh yeah, quite a bit easier. It’s easy to just jump on there whenever we have a sale going on or a promotion we wanna push and just add it on to our platform.”

What advice do you have for other businesses starting on the 2for1 App?

“Be sure to have several options as far as discounts that anybody can come into the store and use, whether they are spending a dollar or $500.”