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Consumer FAQs

2for1 is 100% free to download and free to use.

Everyone can stay up to date with offers from their favorite places. Just tap the red star in the top right hand corner of in any business’s page to “Favorite” them. You’ll get a notification with every new offer for your favorited business.

To disable notifications from a specific business just go to your Favorites, select the business and tap the star in the top right of the screen to Unfavorite them. A red star means you have Favorited the business and will receive notifications from them, while a white star means you have unfavorited them and will no longer receive notifications. 

If at any time you want to change which notifications you receive all you need to do is go into the app settings, select Notification Settings, and then make the desired changes.

To redeem an offer simply select the offer you wish to redeem, show the merchant, and tap the redeem button in front of them.

Hot offers are very limited time offers made available by businesses.

Navigate to the offer that you had trouble with. While on the offer screen, click “feedback” in the top right-hand corner. Here you can send us an email letting us know that the business did not accept your offer.

We review all offers posted by Basic users before they go live. Once you submit an offer, you will see the status as “pending review.” We will approve all offers within 24 hours. If your offer is not approved, we will contact you.

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